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16-Sep-2017 09:57

And as Mother Teresa once said, ‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’ So let’s start there.

As a psychologist who specializes in dating and just wrote a book about single career women finding love, I wanted to consider what might be : 1.

I wouldn't be seriously involved with a woman if she didn't like classical music. Now, everyone thinks of Wall Street guys as the ones who ruined the economy, so we're now one step above used-car salesmen!

He married his high school sweetheart last year, at age I learned game as a PUA instructor….

Would education, accomplishments and career similarities be more important in the long run? SHARED AMBITIONS AND GOALS CAN CREATE SYNERGY AND UNDERSTANDING: Who better to understand your stress, work hours and dreams than a partner who is experiencing the same thing?

How could picking a similarly successful mate fuel your mutual dreams and life plan?

Some single women who love bankers retract their love when ‘status’ falls away.

We recall the DABA girls (Dating a Banker Anonymous) covered in the NY Times who started a group for girlfriends of bankers during the recession.

Perhaps most especially on “Wall Street,” status, perceptions and stereotypes prevail so it’s a good microcosm from which to examine our blocks to love, on either front.

Would it be good to share a passion for your career?

Would it be helpful to have someone with whom you could share lengthy and inspiring discussions?

Today some successful career women are doing the same.

Sometimes they pick men who are less educated but more nurturing, romantic, supportive and playful. SOMEONE WITH TIME: Many bankers (male or female) are heavily work focused and have little time for domestic pursuits, fun, planning vacations etcetera.

Many say they’d rather date teachers or some exotic trapeze artist–anything different from what they already do.