Mom son dirty sex talk or chat

01-Sep-2017 18:03

"You act as if my naked breast is the first naked breast that you ever held in your hand.No big deal, it's just a breast, Michael." Obviously playing him and sexually teasing him, she surprised him with her immoral, immodesty and lack of sexual inhibitions by making the first incestuous move.With him as naïve as he was respectful of his mother, he suspected that his mother more took sexual advantage of him than he took sexually advantage of her. * * * * * He started this when he was in bed masturbating.Yet, glad that she was taking sexual advantage of him in the way he'd loved to take sexual advantage of her, he followed her lead. He pretended that he didn't know that his mother was in his bedroom watching him masturbating himself.Instead of fondling her full-sized breast, supporting the weight of her big, heavy tit, he held her breast in his hand as if his hand was her bra cup.'I still can't believe I'm holding my mother's naked tit in my hand,' he thought.Tempted to move his hand, he wanted to feel, squeeze, and fondle his mother's big breast before fingering her already erect nipple.

She surprised him as much as she sexually and incestuously excited him by putting his hand on her exposed boob.He hoped her lead would bring them to the point of having incestuous sex. Obviously, for it to evolve to this, he not only sexually aroused her enough for her to touch herself through her clothes but also, he sexually aroused her enough for her to invite him to sleep with her.He'd love nothing more than to make love to his mother before fucking her. Only, after waiting for this incestuous opportunity for six, long, sexually frustrating years, the last thing he wanted to do was to sleep. I've felt many naked breasts but not your naked breast, Mom," he said with a nervous laugh while trying not to allow his sexual excitement to overwhelm him.She continued making sexually, incestuous moves by pushing her ass against his hardening cock on the pretense of him keeping warm while he held her, comforted her, cuddled her, and spooned her.

Finally, she made the best incestuous move when she put his horny hand on her naked breast.

She made the second sexual, incestuous move by wearing this sexy, sheer, wide open nightgown over her naked body to bed.

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