My divorced parents are dating dating servik

18-Dec-2017 07:24

Parents are supposed to be the best support system during our childhood.

The sad fact for people with divorced parents is that they don’t just lack that support system, they even have great pressure standing between their parents.

If you love someone with divorced parents you may find yourself being “taken care of.” Recognize that this may be a symptom of a co-dependent relationship that your love may or may not be aware of.

If you’ve never been a child whose parents divorce, you may have a hard time understanding why it’s so important for the person you love to have an unrelenting need to control nearly every aspect of his/her life.

They don’t have their parents around to always tell their stories, feelings, experiences, etc.

They might tend to suppress feelings and unable to express their feelings well even if they really want to.

Divorce is common enough these days that no one really thinks it's weird anymore.

Like any other child of divorce, I want them to be happy.