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The house remained in the Abbot family through eight generations, until 1933. Thomas Abbot bought 1662 land “Westerly side of Shawsheen, Northerly side of the road together with The Mansion House and barn in together with the same with tan house and tan fats and all buildings.“from Job Tyler, whom the original Andover propietors found occupying it.A violent tornado occurred August 14, 1773, doing particular damage in the Ferry District, and blowing down “Theophilus Foot’s new house.” By 1854 the property was owned and occupied by Elliot D. Isaac Morrill was the eldest son of seven children of Abraham Morrill.The elder Morrill was one of the area’s first settlers, operating a corn mill and farm and working as a blacksmith.

Thus the first floor summer beam is transverse although it appears as longitudinal in relation to the later fireplace.

By Abbott Lowell Cummings, 1979 Abbott Lowell Cummings was Executive Director of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (aka Historic New England) and a member of the faculty at Antioch College, Boston University, and Yale University.

This richly illustrated and highly detailed book describes how settlers in the new world drew from architectural techniques used in their native England.

Upon his death in 1662, he left his son Isaac a “new house and 56 acres.” The main house is one bay deep, and a two-story leanto extends to the rear.

One of the two oldest houses in Andover MA, the Benjamin Abbot House has been lived in since it was built.

The house is said to contain an early room (kitchen) older than any in the Benjamin Abbot house, dating from 1671.