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02-Jun-2017 08:29

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"Just so sad for the child and the family."An alarming post on Facebook is grabbing the attention of hundreds of parents.

- Local police have confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating accusations that a child was sexually assaulted at a popular summer camp."Pretty shocked," said Charlotte Early.

"You are hoping beyond hoping that they are doing this because they love children."Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

NBC Charlotte did some digging and found camp counselors behaving badly across the country.

In New York, a counselor arrested for inappropriately touching children. Louis, a man was arrested for sending naked pictures to a cop posing as a young girl.

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However, research has demonstrated actual harms from single-sex education, particularly the reinforcement of gender stereotypes and prejudice that leads to later-in-life consequences such as choice of profession or career.

Well, I was thinking it would be OK to play sports here at this camp.

I don’t play sports at home because people make fun of me there.

” It turned out that no girls’ cabins had been scheduled for sports during the entire camp session.

When I told Leila there wouldn’t be any sports, she crumpled in her disappointment and said, “Oh.North Carolina doesn't require camps to be licensed.