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Things started looking up, but I think the healing process began when I met Ursula.She's a no-nonsense German lady from Hamburg who divorced her husband for screwing his personal assistant and decided she wanted to get away from it all and live in the Scottish Highlands."I can't believe he hasn't told me about this," she said."We're supposed to be getting married and now you're telling me he has a daughter from a previous relationship with a single mother who lives practically on his doorstep." "Look, I'm sorry if this is news to you," I said.* Time passed and a few years later I read in the local paper that Callum Mac Darrell was engaged to be married to a young lady, whom he met when they were both studying at Edinburgh University.She came from a society background and her family was landed gentry who lived in a sprawling old mansion on their country estate somewhere in Sussex or Surrey.He was amazed to hear that I had been married to Shona and he asked me why we had divorced.

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She tried to ambush me a couple of times, but eventually she gave up and from then on Robbie was ready to go when I turned up, so I didn't have to spend any more time than absolutely necessary with Shona and her baby."Of course," I told her, "It would be my pleasure." She got up to leave and I felt a great deal of satisfaction as she made her way out of the busy pub.

It went on to colour her succeeding relationship with US singer John Mayer, too."I took a break from my boyfriend, not one that I wanted.… continue reading »

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