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Those opposed were actually the local skiers who didn’t want more people in the mountains.”Jen told me that building a ski resort proved to be a practice in ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. “We didn’t have the luxury of money and most people thought we were absolutely insane—they were like, ‘good luck’ and then they’d giggle amongst themselves,” Jen said But Jen and Aaron persevered, and before they knew it they found themselves with a brand new one-of-a-kind mountain.Silverton Mountain has one chairlift—which is really all you need to access an alpine environment surrounded by 1,819 acres of steep and deep ascents.“I found that in comps, you find yourself doing stuff you wouldn’t normally try. But I also found that I wasn't using my brain as much as I wanted to." So she used her degree in environmental science to get the Surfrider Foundation to start its first inland chapter that focused on the Hydrologic cycle."I was able to help organize river cleanups and local water testing in my off season,” she said.She worked as a babysitter and did data entry on the side, strategically maneuvering her work hours around riding.Then, she sort of accidentally became semi-pro when she started entering – and winning – small comps at Big Sky because she wanted to hang with more snowboarder girls.Here, we asked our favourite lipstick devotees to bare all when it comes to their shades and brands of choice, how they discovered their prized hues and their expert application tricks.

From metallic purple (Fendi) to fluoro-pink (Christian Dior) to burning red (Marni), makeup artists have ignited a newfound appreciation for highly individualized hues.It’s the highest and steepest ski area in North America with a peak elevation of 13,489 feet.